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SOLVED Backup files

  • Hi guys, I’m trying to make sense of the way Cloudron backups are organized.

    Currently I’m using S3. In the bucket, I see 2 folders like this:

    • 2019-10-12-23000000-909
    • snapshot

    Inside the 2019 folder is a box-thedate-v4.2.6.tar.gz. So is this the tarball containing everything in our current Cloudron?

    And inside snapshot is appID.tar.gz & box.tar.gz. This is our individual app. If we have more than 1 app, we will see the same number of appID.tar.gz? What does the box.tar.gz do in this case?

    I hope it makes sense. Thanks in advance!

  • Staff

    @vjvanjungg Your understanding is mostly correct.

    • The appId.tar.gz is the backup for each individual app. This tarball will contain the database dumps and the files. It is possible to completely recreate the app with just this tarball.
    • The box.tar.gz is cloudron's data. This will contain db dump of cloudron (the users, domains, mailboxes, app meta data etc). This will also contain other data like certs, and all the email.
    • Finally, the snapshot directory is what the backup code uses for incremental uploads. It's a working directory for the backup logic. Please don't delete anything there!

  • @girish Oh okay, thank you! My next question was going to be about deleting the snapshot folder, but it was already answered. I appreciate it!

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