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How can I update an App manually?

  • Good morning and Happy New Year to all,

    Is it possible to update Confluecen by myself? Currently Confluence is installed in version 6.15.2 and already exists in version 7.2.0

    Second question is, is it possible to install a third app with no subscription, but over terminal? I would like to install Jira/Jira Service Desk.

    Thanks from Germany,

  • @roru2k20 The only way to do this is to clone the Confluence cloudron app source code (found on and make the changes needed fro 7.2.0. Otherwise, you will need to wait for the Cloudron devs to update the package.

  • Staff

    @roru2k20 It's my todo list to update confluence. the main reason it hasn't been updated quickly is that they changed the java runtime in the recent versions. I think this was done because sun java's policy changed / has a new license.

  • @murgero /@girish thanks for your reply. I think this is to complicated for me, but it sounds good that you on this task.

    I wait for an update and use the current version.

    Have a nice weekend.

  • Staff

    I have updated confluence to 7.2

  • That sounds amazing!!! Wonderful great work @girish !
    I'll do my updates asp.
    Have a great week!

  • Okay I get an error after I install Update from 1.8.1 > 2.0.0
    The page said "Cloudron App not responding"

    I found nothing courios in the log.txt.

    Now I'm back on 1.8.1

  • Staff

    Sometimes it may take a bit longer for an app to come up again. However if you want, please update the app again and send us the full log of the app to hopefully we can detect the reason of the breakage then.

  • I wrote an eMail to support with attached log-file.

  • Staff

    @roru2k20 Thanks! I have replied there. For the others, I will respond here once we get it sorted out.

    Also, not to worry, it won't update since it's a major version bump in the package (i.e version is from 1.x.y to 2.0.0). This was done intentionally because I felt that something might go wrong when updating Confluence 6 to Confluence 7.

  • @girish I must say this is the best support ever I had seen in my life. I would also enter here the solution, when my problem is solved.

  • Okay Guys the solution is so stupid and easy as well.

    We Germans say "Reboot tut gut / Reboot feels good". That means a simple reboot solved my problem. @girish has done a great support. Thanks a lot for the support.

  • Staff

    The app does some reason in unresponsive on first start after an update. I had to restart the app after the app and it starts up fine.

    For the next update, I will see if this happens again. If that's the case, I will fix up the package to restart the app. I couldn't find anything in the release notes