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  • Hi guys, can you pls help me understand more about the process of installing & using Cloudron OpenVPN. I’ve done the reading of the docs, some demoing & trying to make it clear in my mind. (this post is a bit longer than usual)

    So we start by installing the app on any existing domain on Cloudron, then use the Cloudron admin username & pw to login -> create a new device -> download the .ovpn zipped.

    We put the .ovpn into The Network Manager OpenVPN plugin, which only works for Ubuntu 16.04, not 18.04 or Windows?

    In this way, when browsing the web on the computer (with .ovpn zipped added), our Cloudron server IP/location & rDNS hostname ( may be collected. Is this way safe?

  • Staff

    You can download a couple of different formats for openvpn, depending on which platform you are using. I don't have a complete list of supported clients currently, maybe someone else can share how to make it work on Windows.

  • App Dev

    @nebulon said in Using Cloudron OpenVPN:

    how to make it work on Windows.

    On windows its also just a simple download of the ovpn file. there is even a context menu action to install the config file.

  • Staff

    @vjvanjungg If you are worried about the the safety angle, I recommend setting up a separate server for VPN. For example, setup Cloudron at and then install openvpn at

    How are you intending to use VPN? Is this consumer VPN use or the use VPN as a gateway to your existing internal network?

  • @girish so is the process I understand about the installing steps the right way for this? thanks for the suggestion, I just know that we can do Am intending for consumer use for now.