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  • Today I ran out of server space. This was because I temporarily chose the local filesystem for backup target while in the process of switching remote storage target.

    This got me thinking. After selecting a new remote backup storage location I haven't really saved the situation since the local backups stay. Is it perhaps reasonable to add a "Wipe local backups" button to the Backups settings?

    Of course all this can be done over SSH but

    1. personally I don't walk around with the keys and
    2. one might start out with filesystem backups and then later add remote storage.
  • Staff

    Yes, I think this is a reasonable request. There are several related missing features:

    • Cloudron does not list backups. We show backups at the app level but not at the Cloudron level.
    • No way to delete backups - app backups or Cloudron backups
    • When you switch backup provider backend, the backups in the old provider are not cleaned up (or atleast there should be an option/UI to clean it up).

  • @girish a couple more things that'd be nice:

    1. As well as the ability to delete them if need be, I'd like to be able to easily (i.e. through the web UI) download the Cloudron backups to my local machine as well as automatically storing them on an external server
    2. I'd like to be able to choose rsync for some apps and tarball for others rather than just using the same backup method for everything. e.g. I'm considering using Surfer to replace which has GBs of PDFs files. I prefer tarballs for most backups (I like that everything is contained in a single file), but it'd be madness to use tarballs for that really as it rarely changes much and takes up loads of space.
  • Staff

    Thanks, I have added both to 4.5 roadmap