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Last Gitea update broke Github OAuth sign-in

  • I only get Error 500 in Gitea after trying to sign into Gitea with Github. I tried to regenerate API keys on the Github side although that part seemed to work already but to no avail.

    Feels like an issue with the latest app version.

    The sign in halts here awhile before throwing the error 500:



  • Staff

    That doesn't look good. I checked their issue tracker and didn't see anything there reporting this issue. @yusf do you see anything in the app logs ?

  • Found the error in the logs:

    Jan 21 22:41:43 2020/01/21 22:41:43 routers/user/auth.go:588:handleOAuth2SignIn() [E] UserSignIn: Post dial tcp: lookup on read udp> i/o timeout

    cat /run/gitea/supervisord.log shows a lot of these btw:

    2020-01-21 22:01:41,714 INFO reaped unknown pid 6782
    2020-01-21 22:10:27,102 INFO reaped unknown pid 6849
    2020-01-21 22:10:37,243 INFO reaped unknown pid 6856
    2020-01-21 22:10:47,326 INFO reaped unknown pid 6863
    2020-01-21 22:10:57,411 INFO reaped unknown pid 6870
    2020-01-21 22:11:07,485 INFO reaped unknown pid 6877
    2020-01-21 22:11:17,581 INFO reaped unknown pid 6884
    2020-01-21 22:20:27,134 INFO reaped unknown pid 6957
    2020-01-21 22:20:37,334 INFO reaped unknown pid 6964
    2020-01-21 22:20:47,427 INFO reaped unknown pid 6971
    2020-01-21 22:20:57,529 INFO reaped unknown pid 6978
    2020-01-21 22:21:07,613 INFO reaped unknown pid 6985

    Where else can I look for this error 500?

  • Staff

    I found and . There is a "workaround" in the latter. Do either of these issues apply to you?

  • @girish No.

    1. The error 500 is persistent and
    2. I haven't disabled registration.