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Managed WordPress: How to keep plugins updated automatically?

  • Hi everyone,

    Perhaps the only answer to this is "Unmanaged WordPress", but I have a lot of sites currently using the "Managed WordPress" app in Cloudron and I had a few plugins on a few sites that was supposed to keep other plugins automatically updated, but those don't appear to be running which I assume is due to read-only files in the "Managed WordPress" app.

    Before I start considering migrating a dozen sites over to "Unmanaged WordPress" though, I was hoping to get your ideas / suggestions for how to keep your plugins and things updated in the "Managed WordPress" app, if it's even possible.

    Thoughts? Ideas?


  • You can use plugins like InfiniteWP, MainWP or ManageWP to manage all your WordPress sites from one place, update plugins/themes, backups and such. Not sure if that's the solution you want, but it is one that makes it a bit more convenient 😉

  • Staff

    @d19dotca The plugins are in the "writable" section (otherwise, they cannot be installed at runtime in the first place). You can use one of the many auto updater plugins to update the plugins or just click update all in Wordpress plugins page.

    Can you tell me which plugin is not possible to update in managed wordpress?

  • @girish Ah, of course it’d be writable, my mistake. I am away from my computer but I know that in the past I had a plugin installed specifically to keep themes and other plugins up-to-date. And they worked before I migrated all my sites to Cloudron. So I just made an assumption that it had to do with some limitation within WordPress. I uninstalled it a while back since it wasn’t working and just sort of got around to thinking about it again. I will try again and see if it works and if not then I’ll report back with specifics of what plugin I was using to keep everything else updated so we can try to reproduce it. Thanks for the help! 🙂

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