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  • I would like to know what is the Cloudron update/upgrade team policy about running a apt upgrade ?

  • App Dev

    the policy is probably "don't run apt upgrade", because it might interfere with cloudron packages. cloudron installs security patches on its own, so it's probably best if you don't run it.

  • @msbt said in update/upgrade policy ?:

    don't run apt upgrade

    yes I have the same impression, which is like the norm on a lot of project, but I tough since everything is mainly inside containers they might have another perspective.

    Also maybe by enforcing dpkg to keep old configuration and old definition they might have a different opinion.

  • Staff

    Right, we don't recommend upgrading since we trying to keep our testing simple. Security updates are enabled for the base packages that we use. We don't really use many base packages - nginx, collectd. Rest are all containerized (mysql/mongo/redis/email etc) and updated via our docker updates. Docker, nodejs itself are all installed from binaries and not via apt.