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.io, or not .io, is that even a question ?

  • I read this article about draw which switching their tld because apparently the .io is unethical and potentially unsafe.

    What do you think about it ?
    Do you use the .io ?
    Should Cloudron change his tld ?

  • @JOduMonT This question is a waste of everyone's precious time. The domain is controlled out of a company in london, so I'm not seeing the ethics issue. The security processes that failed have been updated, so I don't see a security issue.

  • App Dev

    I don't expect that the security issue is one of ongoing concern, but the ethical one is. I've read several articles about it and will probably avoid registering one myself.

    Still, branding is powerful and rebranding something is a huge risk. I wouldn't recommend Cloudron attempt it. Maybe there is a way to balance things out with a banner somewhere calling attention to the issue and that Chagos support website.

  • @will said in .io, or not .io, is that even a question ?:

    waste of everyone's precious time

    I understand your point of view, but this is a forum, a forum is a place to express opinion and debate it
    But I disagreed with the everyone because I'm pretty sure not everyone click on the subject to read it 😛

  • @JOduMonT Yeah I came down too harshly, sorry my friend!
    Any question is worthwhile when the intention is good!