Wordpress Themes Not Installing Pages

  • Hi, I have quite a Few Themes that i have to choose from to install on my Wordpress Site. However, when i install any of the themes, they install the Plugins Successfully, however, none of the pages show up. Only 2 Pages, Called "Sample Page", and "Privacy and Terms" Pages Show Up. I tried installing the EXACT Same Theme File on Other Web Hosting Worpress sites, and they worked as intended, I am thinking this is a .htaccess thing. Any Ideas?

  • @theTECHIEflyer Are these custom themes or something available in the WordPress plugin store? If it's the latter, can you tell me a few of them, so I can try it out here?

    Also, are you using the Managed WordPress or Unmanaged WordPress?

  • Ive Tried Both.

  • Does this happen only with your custom themes or does this happen with any them from the WordPress market place?

  • This Happens only with custom themes. I just bought another one, and the same problem happened

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