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  • Hey!
    So I basically host Domains, with websites and email for friends.
    Now one friend would like to be able to organise the email mailboxes for his domain. So i think about the ability to organise users as customers (as in plesk) where these users have the ability to install apps using their given domain, mailboxes etc.

    Is this something for Cloudron?

  • Staff

    We had a prototype of this a few releases ago. The idea was each user gets his own "space" (funnily, the same name you used 🙂 ). User can add/remove/manage their own apps. We didn't implement domain or mail ownership. Back then the feature didn't receive much traction, so we removed it.

    Maybe we can find 5-10 people who will want this and then we can think about bringing it back but it's totally doable!

  • @girish I'm down to test!

  • I absolutely would love this option - and by "option" i mean like maybe we can make it "optional". So that you can activate on your cloudron if you want, but if you don't want thats fine as well!