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  • Staff

    Conferencing app which is FOSS and also recommended by duckduckgo for privacy reasons.

  • Yes would love to try this out

  • Very interesting! This used to be called Ring before (at the time they were already thinking of changing the name as of course, type Ring on google and try to find it 😆). I hadn't follow in a while but it looks it's been developing nicely. One of the limitation of this kind of p2p network architecture (like Kopano Meet) is that does require each peer to have enough bandwidth for all streams but Jami seem to be ahead of them all with their support of H.265 which considerably diminish bandwidth requirement (albeit needs GPU power instead but it seems more scalable). I'd love to try it on Cloudron!

  • Nice, just seen this on my travels, looks decent and supports all the usual suspects:

    I realise Jitsi is on the way but given the amount of times I've started a video call with one platform and ended up trying 2 others get a stable call, I don't think having multiple options can do any harm.

    👍 from me

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