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  • I’m looking at a project of migrating a phpBB community over to NodeBB. I wonder what it’d take resource-wise.

    The usage stats of the current system is vague so the only two data points I have are:

    • 300 topic views per minute
    • 1000 concurrent users

    Keep in mind that phpBB and NodeBB works quite differently, which is why I need assistance in comparing for getting a scope of the future spec needed.

    Looking at the 4488 users (though with a huge amount of spam accounts) that this forum has I’m interested in hearing from @girish and @nebulon as well as anyone else having experience with larger NodeBB instances.

  • Staff

    Not sure if we have a lot of data points about the resource requirements, however this instance of NodeBB has a memorylimit set from Cloudron side at 1640MB (ram+swap). This high water mark is mostly for forum restarts/rebuilds when plugins update. The regular amount of used ram is between 400MB and 500MB.
    Not sure if this helps much though 🙂

  • Thank you for that. May I ask you to check for some average (longest-term) usage statistics from the admin dashboard as well?

  • Staff


    I haven't seen page stats before myself but wow we have 0.5 million hits last 30 days 🙂

  • Thanks, I believe I can use those numbers. 😃

  • thank you guys, very helpful