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SOLVED rsync backup to minio fails

  • Hi everyone,
    I am having a problem when backing up Cloudron to minio with rsync (tarball works fine).

    The error appears when backing up the largest app (nextcloud) and the backup fails:

    2020-04-14T10:00:01.229Z box:tasks 176: {"percent":73.22222222222223,"message":"Retrying (1) copy of e7Ewan49NwDxPVPz9f74uA/dFXMY-E9v9gCHt6WZzS6EA/lUr+h7CFbwq35HHJx4hu1w/A2vmbyuGVq4mUAjCFWZHTQ/AwextL2PBg2b0Ow0DvPTUQ/3yhT8fuirc4QnRpnpR38ww/NRwHwiT-yutX7OUx0kHgbX9Q+uZsVDolAgEyF6xNKhI. Error: XMLParserError: Unexpected close tag\nLine: 5\nColumn: 7\nChar: > 405 (<domain of nextcloud>)"}

    rsync backup to Scaleway does work.

    Any ideas on why this happens?
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • Staff

    @stantropics Do you see any error/logs on the minio side? Strange that tgz works but not rsync. Can you retry the backup or does it fail the same all the time?

  • I have reduced the size of my nextcloud (from 6.5 to 3.5GB). rsync backups are working now. I will check if it fails again while nextcloud is growing.

  • Staff

    @stantropics One thing worth looking into is (especially, those deleted nextcloud files hang around indefinitely).