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UNSOLVED How to configure LDAP in Discourse?

  • App Dev

    @yusf Not as of yet...last few weeks have been very long hours for me on a litany of other things. I'll hopefully be getting some time back in a week or two

  • @girish Can we have the Discourse app updated with LDAP addon included in the Cloudron manifest? (MR here)

  • Staff

    Were the issues related to account creation sorted out?

  • @girish It was not. As mentioned earlier I did some light digging into the issue but as you can see in this issue that is where it's at currently.

    I figured there's no harm in enabling the Cloudron LDAP addon in the package but I realize that as maintainer you may have another view on that matter.

  • Staff

    @yusf If I understand the current situation, if the LDAP plugin is enabled:

    • User logs in.
    • User sees a screen to 'create new account'. User has to just click through.

    Is this the case? If so, that does not seem like a major issue.

  • @girish That's correct. There are more oddities around depending on what default use case you would go with for the package. (walled garden, open registration+ldap etc)

  • Staff

    @yusf To keep you updated, I looked into this a bit further. The issue is that when we add ldap as addon, Cloudron UI selects this as the default. For an app like discourse, using LDAP is uncommon since it's mostly a publicly forum use case.

    I think before we add LDAP support to nodebb/discourse etc, we need to fix Cloudron to support "dynamic addons". This way one can toggle LDAP support on/off whenever they want. That's the best way to fix this. Otherwise, I suspect, people will blindly install Discourse with LDAP, then disable LDAP inside Discourse and this will only lead to problems (since in Cloudron packages currently we assume that LDAP support is never removed like that inside an app).

  • @girish Seems like an apt solution to the problem. Thanks for looking into it.

    For what it’s worth I’m often faced with the opposite use-case: some group need internal forum software, apart from other Cloudron services. So I’m interested in doing the same thing with NodeBB.

  • @girish said in How to configure LDAP in Discourse?:

    For an app like discourse, using LDAP is uncommon since it's mostly a publicly forum use case.

    Even in those cases it'd still be nice to have LDAP, like we can in Rocket.Chat right now, i.e. Cloudron uses can use LDAP to login to Rocket.Chat using their Clourdon credentials, and non-Cloudron users can just register and login as normal too.

    I'd like the same UX for Discourse too, best of both worlds! 🙂

  • @girish And meanwhile if I want to go venture off with a forked Discourse app with the only difference being that the LDAP addon is added, I should be able to stay compatible with the official one within foreseeable future, right?

  • Staff

    @yusf Yes, it should remain compatible. I haven't gotten time to updating the Dockerfile to have the LDAP plugin pre-installed and pre-configured. If you have the code for that, I can look into merging it.