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Baremetal dedicated server or VPS?

  • Hi all, thanks to the Cloudron team for a really nice piece of software that's helping reducing my costs 🙂

    Quick question: what's 'better' (for performance) - installing Cloudron on a baremetal dedicated server or a VPS/VM?

    I currently have a dedicated box with Hetzner and run Proxmox. I wouldn't mind dedicating it to Cloudron for selling apps to customers. It's a four core Xeon, with 64GB RAM and two spinning pieces of rust (s/w R1).

  • Staff

    @3246 I would create a VM and give it most of the resources. This gives you the flexibility of creating more VMs and using them for non-Cloudron purposes. Cloudron does not support installing anything else in a VM other than Cloudron itself. So installing it in a VM gives you some flexibility.

    Also, for most web applications, VM vs baremetal wont' be noticeable.

  • Thanks @girish, that's how I run it at the moment 👍

  • Staff

    Wanted to add here, that one of the most important aspects is the disk I/O speed for Cloudron. So an SSD is always preferred at least for the main system partition, plus maybe a larger cheaper spinning disk for apps which have lots of data.

  • App Dev

    Just my 2 cents here : like girish said, if you want to run other things besides cloudron, you should install cloudron in a VM.

    If you really want to dedicate the whole machine to cloudron, there is really no need to bother with the additional layer of complexity, another OS to keep up to date and such. I would go bare-metal in this case. That's how I've been running cloudron for 2 years, and it's great.

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