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  • My suggestion might be applicable to a few people: I like to try out the various apps available on the Cloudron App Store and often reuse a domain to do so. Currently I have to click on the installed app square, scroll down to Uninstall, which is the 11th option to the left of the info window, Uninstall, then go back to App Store, choose an app, then choose the install Location, and then wait for it to install, then either make a new login or am assigned a new login for that app.

    What would be really nice is an 12th option called Switch (or Change, or whatever). While I am in the app window which displays the current domain/location, I could choose Switch, and a mini App Store appears in the box, and I can click on one, and click the blue Switch button. This then would start a process of uninstalling the current app, deleting caches or whatever the normal Uninstall process does, and then automatically installs the new app.

    I have no idea how complicated it would be to then also preserve the user info, but if possible, then I could keep using the same email rather than having a new one, and this would also help me keep my password manager tidier - no more multiple copies of sign-in info for the same domain.

    If it doesn't or can't happen, I understand. There are probably more pressing upgrades needing to done, and I am a happy Cloudron user anyway. But, this would be super handy for me since I often switch out apps using the same domain.

    Switch option.png

  • @scooke I don't understand why you don't just use new sub domains for each new app your want to play with?

  • @jdaviescoates I've already set up plenty like that. This scenario involves domains whose use is not set in stone yet, and so I like to try different apps using the same domain. From time to time I settle on an app, and thus is it nice to not have to then reinstall. And plus, too many subdomains results in a very full My Apps dashboard.

  • Staff

    I have marked this a feature-request. But yes, i also tend to use the same subdomain for any app testing (test) by habit...

    Not directly related, but we want to implement a switcher for apps that are already installed. The use case is to immediately switch prod/staging - . We haven't figured out the correct workflow yet.

  • @jdaviescoates Even if I did this exclusively, the request would still be the same, if you think about it. Unless I never uninstall any app on a sub domain, then I could always just install the next test on another domain. Eventually I'd hit the limit on my VPS. I'd also eventually have to uninstall all the ones I decided to not use. It would be simpler if I could just "switch" apps while still using the same domain or subdomain.