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SOLVED I'm confused about Cloudron LDAP... do we have it or not?

  • Hello!
    I was looking at my Dashboard under Users and saw at the bottom of the page an option and a notice about LDAP.

    Cloudron will authenticate users against the configured LDAP server.
    LDAP authentication is not configured.

    I thought Cloudon already had LDAP installed.... isn't this how I can use the same login across different installed apps as my admin Cloudron user?? Or is this LDAP section something else/more?

  • @scooke Some apps support LDAP for logging in, some do not. When installing, you'll see "This app manages it's own users" or some such. Other apps will have a section where you can configure what groups or users have access to the app.

    In short, yes!

    That section is if you want to use your own external LDAP for authentication, think big companies that have existing infrastructure. For most of us, Cloudron's internal LDAP works fine.

  • Staff

    @will is correct here. Cloudron comes with an LDAP server to be used by the apps for authentication. That is one LDAP component.

    The other LDAP component has nothing to do with the first one and is simply a connector to already existing LDAP or Active Directory servers to sync users into the Cloudron. I will adjust the text there in the UI to make this hopefully a bit clearer.

  • Merci beaucoup!