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How easy is it to get my data out of Cloudron?

  • I'm looking at Cloudron as an alternative for my small UX Design company. Right now I use a number of alternatives to the cloud providers (mainly a self-hosted Nextcloud, and then a VPS with etherpads, Bitwarden, gitea, kanban boards, presentator, limesurvey).

    I'd like to try Cloudron but I'm curious how difficult it would be to get my data out of a self-hosted Cloudron instance, if I needed to. I fully believe in the own your data idea - but if needs be I'd want to be able to get it out of one application and into another.

    My question is a hypothetical I know, but I'd appreciate some advice.

  • App Dev

    @ei8fdb Each app has it's own data volume (You can see the path for said volume in the app settings!) Which is easy enough to SFTP out of the system.

    You can also configure the backups to a backup target that you own specifically.

    Either way, SFTP, and some SQL client will get you your data for any app you install in Cloudron.

  • Thanks @murgero for replying.

    Can you tell me is that data (let's say I want to export my Nextcloud config data) in a usable format that I can then directly import into a new instance of Nextcloud? Without any munging/converting/changing? Or exporting Wekan boards into a new instance?

    Does anyone have experience of exporting configurations/userdata from a Cloudron app and putting it into the same app as a fresh install?

  • App Dev

    @ei8fdb It's not only files, there also are databases that you would have to import into the database app on your target server. But yeah, basically it's no harder than moving the data from a non-cloudron install into another non-cloudron install 🙂

  • App Dev

    @ei8fdb These apps are mostly unmodified versions of ones you would get from the developers of said apps. You shouldn't have any issues exporting a DB, moving the DB and files over to a new instance (outside of Cloudron) and grabbing data you need.

    Speaking of Nextcloud specifically, you can move the DB and files + the config with little issue if you needed to, but I don't think you'd want to after moving to Cloudron, it's that good.

    I've been using it since version 3.x and I gotta say I've never used a system like it - It rocks. I've tried Mailcow+Portainer, Mailinabox, I've even self-hosted with just straight up ubuntu + Apache (manually installing and managing), but Cloudron takes the cake. We even have a LAMP app that can host PHP, nodejs, etc apps that aren't otherwise supported.