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  • Hi,
    After moved to new server, I restore "" , I have error: "Error : Addons Error - Error restoring mongodb. Status code: 500 message: Command failed: mongorestore -u root -p 5111fee9824a238d1a2bba0867c1e153bd0ccdce539ab3fd38f2bbea1883aaf642c79a42d22e4be6d09c75af9206fc4fc8488ce7a70ce4f8f40955697c259a7cb91faf09c1ed4ceb1dc410c522aaf2dbe59bfa7ebe7824f593667c46fc357a0751d2043432837ab2f0b9b07659546639a5db24d7ae97bdffa8deec4ca1ef3af2 --authenticationDatabase admin --quiet -v --db "89d0f3eb-ca95-4d10-a038-c3830e794142" "/tmp/89d0f3eb-ca95-4d10-a038-c3830e794142" Killed"
    Please show me how to fix it.

  • Staff

    Usually, "Killed" means it ran out of memory when importing. Can you try to restore again and see "dmesg -w" output in parallel to see if that is indeed the case?

    You can bump the memory limit for the restore logic as indicate here -