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App or Full backup fails with reference to 'layout'?

  • Hi,
    The last successful full backup was 3 days ago. I have a few apps that aren't included (wordpress, paperwork, and ghost apps). I tried backing them up individually but it would fail at 30%, and the app ended up needing to be restarted. So then I tried initiating a full back up assuming it would succeed since the last one 3 days ago did (set to a 3-day schedule). But now it too has stalled at the mysql portion. Here is a line from the error log, and the same thing happened with the individual apps:

    format tgz dataLayout {"localRoot":"/home/yellowtent/appsdata/myapps-long-alphanumerical-name","layout":[]}

    That 'layout' bit seemed to be when the backups stall. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this?

    At first I thought it was buggy files in the wordpress install, which I cleaned out. But nothing similar was there for Paperwork, nor the Ghost app (which is the app at which the full backup stalled).

    Thank you!

  • Staff

    That log line is actually correct and expected just showing what happens. After that the backup tarball is created and uploaded to the backup storage location (that is happening in a stream)
    If there is a lot of data and or the server or the connection to the backup location is slow, this may take quite a long time. Just to get an overview, roughly what amount of data does that app, which it tries to backup when it stalls, have?

  • The full backup is around 5GB I guess, the individual apps less than 200 MB.

  • Staff

    @scooke Can you mail the full logs to ?

  • @girish OK, I'll just initiate a new backup and mail those logs.

  • @girish Well wouldn't you know it, everything backed up fine this time. I actually uninstalled one app (Emby) that was using a lot of ram, and scaled back to allocated ram for a few other apps. Maybe that made a difference. If it hangs again should I just email you directly with the logs?

  • Staff

    @scooke said in App or Full backup fails with reference to 'layout'?:

    If it hangs again should I just email you directly with the logs?


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