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    I have now switched all my trivial sites and business critical systems over to container hosting provisioned by Cloudron. It's great!

    Last step on this journey is to verify and test; perform a complete restore of the backup of the platform.
    I currently take backups of cloudron every 6 hours and all containers every 6 hours. It seems to work pretty great, no errors.

    However I am not sure how to proceed when doing a full restore of the entire Cloudron instance.
    Here is my backup config:

    I don't see any restore backups functionality in the web frontend of Cloudron.
    Okay. Do I download the backup archive, uncompress the file and upload the contents to my server manually?
    Where should I place those files?

    I can download backup json configuration file, what's it for?

    My end goal is to set up a daily sync between the backup location and a failover server on a different private cloud provider, maybe even to an on-prem machine in the office, just to be sure. These restored systems will contain the entire Cloudron instance restored from backups and it will be performed daily. But first I need to understand the various moving parts here.
    I found some documentation here, but this was not enough for me to help myself with this topic.

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    Yes @mehdi is right here, to test a whole Cloudron backup, one would have to restore to a fresh server. Depending on the DNS settings though, this might overwrite the DNS records after restore to match the new server's IP.

    Your plan to have an up-to-date server on the side for failover is not easily facilitated that way.

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    If you have a floating IP (in DigitalOcean lingo), elastic IP (AWS) or equivalent, you can make Cloudron use the floating IP (Network -> Interface -> Enter the floating IP). Then you can restore Cloudron to another server, and then when restoring is done, you can switch the floating IP to this new server.