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  • How can I adjust the time zone of the individual apps? Because I have installed something in a lampstack that uses the system time as timezone and it is unfortunately 2 hours behind the time I need. But I can't change it either because read-only ...

    Would be great if something could be done without recompiling the whole app and then not being able to access the official updates.

  • Staff

    Most apps have an app specific timezone setting if timezone is relevant to the app. Some even allow that on the user profile level as that might be different as well. I am curious what the use-case for that in your specific app is?

  • That's because I have my Multicraft running in this app and the Minecraft servers run over it. Unfortunately there is no other way with Cloudron. In game I have the wrong time zone. There is also web software that uses the time zone of the system. Therefore I am surprised that such a versatile and far-reaching usable app doesn't have such a thing.

    After all you can do a lot of things in the lampstacksetting and if there were portranges possible the lampstackapp would be the most perfect one because it offers the most possibilities.

  • Staff

    @Sidias said in App-Timezone:

    In game I have the wrong time zone

    Not an expert on minecraft. But it seems that multicraft uses php and you can adjust php.ini to have the correct timezone setting i.e edit /app/data/php.ini and set the data.timezone to one of the values in

    If the issue here is bedrock app, it seems we can pass timezone like this . We can adjust the bedrock app to have the timezone customizable. Is this what you are looking for?