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  • PHP8.1 outdated (PHP v8.1.19 current)

    Solved LAMP
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    @girish said in PHP8.1 outdated (PHP v8.1.19 current):

    I assume you are asking this for security reasons.

    Hey @girish. Thanks for your reply. Actually it depends!

    For MySQL: It's a matter of running not into backup import/export stuff or facing data losses because of some DBMS bug. So there I just prefer to having a up2date DBMS because in the past I faced one or two major issues with productive software where patching the systems could have prevented it.

    For apache2: Yes, I think no application really relies on the version nor it's super likely to hit a bug in it. Of course I faced apache2/nginx module bugs in the past but that's quite rare. Nevertheless it would help to have an up2date version at that point as well to prevent cases like that and sometimes security issues are fixed there as well.

    For PHP: Indeed this is the most relevant part for your deployed websites. In the past I just had to care about major PHP releases; minor versions never broke anything for me and had never been a requirement for any software I saw. Of course, security matters here as well.

    Thanks for clarifying which software of LAMP is managed by the platform/OS and which is managed by Cloudron itself. That gave a better insight for me.

  • WiKiss

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    @murgero Well spotted! I didn't check the history. 🙄

  • ZipArchive Enabling (Container or Server Level)

    Solved Support
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    @girish That did it! You are awesome! Thank you for all your help from a -1 rep person :). Thank you and the cloudron team for all you do in helping us newbies. (had to wait 3 minutes) 🙂

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    The backdoor was removed before it was compiled into a binary for admins to download so there is no issue for anyone running PHP. However this does prove to be an issues in regards to PHP's safety - They have moved to GitHub (@girish mentions in his reply) and will be better closely monitoring pushes and merges into the code base.

    PHP's Own Nikita Popov: "The changes were on the development branch for PHP 8.1, which is due to release at the end of the year" which means the code has not been distributed. It's a big deal but not as big as everyone is making it out to be.

    Hopefully this does NOT happen again.

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  • Why Nextcloud don't have the PHP library ImageMagick ?

    Solved Nextcloud
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    This is resolved in we are still not very sure about pushing the latest version due to db migration issues.

  • App-Timezone

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    @Sidias said in App-Timezone:

    In game I have the wrong time zone

    Not an expert on minecraft. But it seems that multicraft uses php and you can adjust php.ini to have the correct timezone setting i.e edit /app/data/php.ini and set the data.timezone to one of the values in

    If the issue here is bedrock app, it seems we can pass timezone like this . We can adjust the bedrock app to have the timezone customizable. Is this what you are looking for?