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Ability to schedule restart/reboots/updates

  • I ❤ Cloudron and grown very used to it now. One thing that would my life easier though would be to schedule restarts and perhaps even when updates are applied.

    I can't reboot my box until most folks are AFK which means after midnight, so scheduling it outside 'peak' hours would be very handy.

  • Staff

    The timing for when updates should be applied automatically can already be set in the Settings view of the Cloudron dashboard. For reboots we do not have that, for now you could make use of the normal linux tool shutdown via SSH, see for details how to schedule a reboot (ie shutdown -r 23:50)

  • Thank you @nebulon, didn't notice that updates option was there (ten lashes tonight for not RTFM first!) 😉

    Will play with the shutdown schedule - good tip!

  • @nebulon I saw that my updates (last night) started somewhere around 11:30PM. We still need some of our tools at this time (e.g. matrix). Can we get an option to start the process later (like 03:00am in the morning)?

  • Staff

  • +1 for having the ability to schedule reboots straight from Cloudron (in local time zone that's set of course rather than having to factor in UTC). I was just going to file a feature request for this and found this so figure I'd just add my two cents to it. Would love to see this, ideally it can be done from the System page with the Reboot button where it pops-up and allows it to be done right away or to schedule a reboot in local time, and also maybe even straight from the notification where it mentions a reboot is required for security updates. I'll settle for it just on the System page though for the Reboot button action.

    Side note: The text on the Reboot button after clicking it states "Use this only when you experience unexpected behavior. All services and apps will be automatically started." but I think this needs to be changed, because the main reason one is rebooting is probably for the security updates, which has nothing to do with it being "unexpected behaviour" only. Perhaps it could be written in this way: "Use this when you experience unexpected behaviour or need to apply security updates. All apps currently running will be automatically started when the reboot is complete." I'll maybe submit this change in your box repository on git, as I like doing the smaller things that I'm capable of as I'm not a big programmer. 😉 haha

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