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Automatically delete old emails (RoundCube)

  • I have ~20 emails and their inbox is getting larger and larger. How can I auto-delete emails, from all boxes, that are older than 6 months, for example?

  • Staff

    Don't think there is a way to do this automatically. What I do is to use the "Archive" feature extensively. In roundcube, preferences -> special folder -> choose archive formatting. Then when you click the archive button on emails, it will place it in appropriate timed folders. You can then remove them manually easily.

  • I used to do this in CPanel:

    Minute: 45
    Hour: 06
    Day: *
    Month: *
    Weekday: *
    Command: /usr/bin/archivemail --quiet --delete --days 10 /home/vova/mail/inbox

    where vova is my username

  • App Dev

    @girish Could a rule be setup in roundcube / other IMAP client to move inbox emails after a set time? I never really messed around with this idea but I could see it coming in handy for large environments that cannot afford huge data storage.