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With the latest v5.3.2 Cloudron update, my apps are no longer alphabetical with subdomains for apps sharing same name.

  • Hello,

    I signed into my Cloudron server and while it's a minor issue, I noticed that all my "www" WordPress apps are no longer alphabetical. It used to be sorted so that was last, and was up top of the bunch of www apps (which honestly I would prefer it to be opposite to that, but at least there was a method to the madness and was usable). Now there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it's sorting, at least not one I can figure out. It's still alphabetical in that all my "www"-named apps are at the bottom of the list, but the subdomains used to be used in the sorting algorithm and now that part seems to have been lost.

    Was this an intentional change, or is this a defect? Any possibility to get it back to sorting properly so that any apps with the same name are still sorted by their subdomains?

    Again, minor issue, but for people running a dozen "www" named apps, it'd be nice to see the sorting work naturally.

  • Staff

    I don't think this was changed atleast consciously. But we did some optimizations for the loading of dashboard when there are many apps, maybe we broke this. Will mark this as a regression.

  • Staff

    The order in that specific case was apparently a bit random based on the result of the network queries we performed in parallel before. I've put a fix to now always sort by fqdn to fix this.