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Strapi - Open source Node.js Headless CMS to easily build customisable APIs

  • App Dev

    Would be cool to see:

  • Staff

    Just came across this today - . Looks pretty neat.

  • @girish DO has a 1 click - ive messed with it a bit as a no code DB. The automatically generated API's are very nice to work with. Somewhat similar to Directus

  • Staff

    @marcusquinn @murgero Are strapi and directus "competitors" or are they for different use cases ? They both seem to go by headless CMS tagline.

  • Similar but different:

    Directus is more generic and app orientated and general databasing.

    Strapi is more like a backend for Blogs similar to Ghost & Wordpress.

    I'd say they are both leaders in their speciality and have high value and large audiences that I'm sure would appreciate finding them on Cloudron.

    I'm looking forward to working with both of them TBH but Directus particularly for rapid database schema design work.

  • Staff

    @marcusquinn Thanks for the info. It seems there is a sudden interest in strapi (maybe because they recently raised some $$ 🙂 ).

    Directus is indeed as you said. It's like a fast SQL database design/prototyping tool. Have to look into strapi after that.

  • @girish Yeah, the whole JAMstack movement is growing. Having these options would make Cloudron a credible alternative to Netlify hosting.

    I'm sure Directus & Strapi will be popular with devs, the next most popular one being NetlifyCMS. Again, would capture a lot of "{platform name} hosting" searches.

  • App Dev

    Is anyone working on that? Just got an inquiry if that's something Cloudron can do 😉

    If noone is on it, I might give it a shot, but I've never packaged node.js before, probably gonna be a bumpy one.

  • Staff

    @msbt For node app, you can look at . If you can get this going, I will be happy to finish it up.

  • App Dev

    Ok I've got it to work, but there are some things missing, maybe you can take over from here @girish

    Here's the repo:

    You build it, install it, jump on the terminal, cwd into /app/pkg/cloudron and run yarn build. The build process requires 2GB of RAM, I tried with less and it failed a few times. This step should eventually go into the, but I was rebuilding a lot, that's why it's still there.

    After that the adminpanel is available in /admin where you can create your first user and add data.

    What's not working (from what I can see):

    • Email (the plugins are installed (nodemailer and such), but something must be wrong with my plugins.js, at some point it complained about a self-signed cert, after that I couldn't get it to work at all)
    • Installing/uninstalling plugins, that's why all 7 are installed by default now

    Other than that, tests are missing, but it doesn't look so bad.

  • Their email newsletter update today:

    Hello 👋

    Thank you for your interest in Strapi. Here's a bunch of updates about our product and pricing.

    🎮 New hosted demo

    For those of you who did not get a chance to try out all the features that Strapi provides out of the box, we now have a brand new and optimized hosted trial experience. Launch a Strapi project with sample data in seconds without having to install anything on your machine!

    👾 Strapi 3.2 is now available!

    Last week we announced Strapi 3.2 with the long-awaited feature: Draft & Publish!


    In short, it lets you save your content as a draft, edit and publish it at any time. Join our online meetup to see the feature demo and know what other product updates are planned!

    📚 Starters library and templates

    We added a new template option to the create-strapi-app CLI. With these templates, you can create new Strapi projects that already have content types and plugins pre-configured for you. Browse the Strapi starters library for corporate sites, portfolio or blogs.

    📢 Pricing update: introducing the Bronze Plan

    Strapi Enterprise Bronze Edition is all about giving you easier access to custom roles for a discounted price of $29 monthly.

    Read through the details in the pricing page.

    Stay tuned for more news!


    The Strapi team