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What's coming in 6.0

  • Very much looking forward to seeing how you develop the multi-host features for 6.0.

    If I may suggest for consideration in that it would be very useful to be able to move an entire domain with all it's configurations and apps from one Cloudron to another with a button, confirmation and function that went through the processes. I image it would need to pause all services on that domain during the transition to ensure data is frozen but it could be a scheduled maintenance or just a staging Cloudron to live Cloudron launch process.

    So we can set everything up on one Cloudron instance, and them move the whole thing to another separate and dedicated one.

    Might be a big ask - but though it worth bearing in mind in your designs and planning.

  • @marcusquinn self-hosted auto-magical devops deployments at the click of a button....

  • @will That's the dream. I like scaleable businesses where the second time doing something is a tiny percentage of the effort of the first time. Setups take time, time is finite, speed is valuable. Templating is where profits are for client and provider πŸ™‚

  • @marcusquinn Putting it another way, it would make it quick to move a domain from being on a shared Cloudron to it's own dedicated Cloudron, and we'd be happily paying another licence subscription for these πŸ™‚

  • Curious how you're getting on with your 6.0 feature wishlist? I know it's always a difficult question but any idea on timeline yet?

  • Staff

    I don't have a concrete time yet. We just pushed out 5.6 release last week (which hasn't even been announced yet).

    For 6.0 specific features, Focal support is already in master. FTS search in mail is getting there. I think the unified dashboard feature has many architectures to choose from, so we have to pick carefully and regardless of what we choose it's a bit of work (atleast a month).

  • Optimize WP and Nextcloud installations

    Is this for both managed and unmanaged versions of Wordpress? 🀞 And is this completed already - it seems like WP has gotten a lot better with Redis (can’t remember if this is a new feature in one of the 2020 updates but I think it is).

  • Staff

    @Lonk Yes, it's for both. It also includes PHP stack and Nextcloud as well.

    The core issue is that currently we sort of hardcode the apache mpm_prefork configuration in the Dockerfile/app package. Making this customizable will easily make things more performant based on the user's setup/traffic. The fixes are not on platform side and on the app packaging side, so it's not tied to Cloudron 6 as such. We had put it in there because we wanted to investigate if this was some platform side issue (maybe some mysql performance related etc).

  • @girish Good stuff - I'm impressed already πŸ™‚

  • Staff

    I made a new post for what's really coming in 6.0 - . I will lock this thread since this post got split into 3 releases!

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