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Manifest recvmail

  • Hello,
    I am trying to get the recvmail add on in the manifest file. I am trying to allow inbound email from Internet to the app but when I sent to the apps email ( the email bounces back with a Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 No such address

    Am I missing something to allow the app to receive mail?

    EDIT: Apologies I put this into the wrong category.

  • Staff

    Can you double check the assigned email for that app in the app configure view?

  • @nebulon it is there

  • Staff

    @ultraviolet Currently, you have to create a mailbox manually first under the Email view and then assign that mailbox to the app's email view. The mailbox creation is not done automatically.

    Also, the recvmail addon was added in the very early days of Cloudron where we envisioned it as a "monolith". The email solution was very tightly integration with users and apps back in the day. These days it has been decoupled quite a bit. For example, the recvmail addon only works if email is hosted on Cloudron itself. For this reason, it's actually best to avoid it (this is the reason it's not used on most apps).

  • thanks @girish makes sense!