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  • Hello, I am an amateur, thank you and congratulations for contributing to the dissemination of knowledge, I hope you can guide me. Is it possible to install Cloudron is Clearlinux ? And what can I do to install it?

  • Staff

    Hi there! Cloudron only supports Ubuntu 18.04 currently. So Clearlinux will not work. Which VPS provider do you have in mind? Usually all of them at least offer Ubuntu, which is why we settled initially on that.

  • @Shra ClearLinux is technically faster and rolling version is a great concept but at the end, almost all Docker images proposed by Cloudron are based on Ubuntu. To really gain the benefit of ClearLinux you would have to also make these services on top of a ClearLinux docker image.

    @nebulon I'm fine with ubuntu but I wonder why Cloudron is not Distro Host agnostic since it is mainly a bunch of Docker?

  • @JOduMonT Sticking with one distro makes it much easier to offer assistance, and ensure that what is available is as top-notch as can be. The various issues that Docker brings with it are too numerous to count! What works easily for one person, for whatever reason, won't work for another. We'd never see another upgrade if the Cloudron team had to support more than one distro!!

  • App Dev

    @JOduMonT Cloudron does much more than just "a bunch of Docker". It basically manages the server for you, handles the security updates of the underlying OS, of Docker itself, and other things of this kind. While running Cloudron's Docker services over another distros would probably not be that hard, the problem would be with all this automated management, which is very distro-specific.

  • @nebulon and @mehdi don't worry I sign up with Cloudron, because at the end it does the job so what ever I could potentially spin these apps faster on ClearLinux and/or with a more optimize NGINX I have other things to do 😉

  • Staff

    As @scooke and @mehdi already mentioned, the sole reason to support only one distribution is the reduced complexity by having to deal with only a single well known system. Even different ubuntu versions require quite a lot of testing and different code. Sometimes package names change for example. We essentially just settled on Ubuntu 16.04 initially since that was available on basically every VPS provider. Really that is the main concern for us. Naturally for security updates we then progressed to 18.04 and will soon hopefully support 20.04. Other distros with even other package managers are simply just overhead and cause trouble to users. In the end from what Cloudron requires, there will hardly be any noticeable difference in speed or resources use between any of the distros, so we lean towards stability here.