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Add columns for "Invitation Accepted" and "Last Logged In" to /#/users

  • Be handy to see who hasn't accepted their invite email yet (with a resend invite button) and who's not logged in for a while.

    Bonus points for a login log to review user engagement with the platform.

  • Can I add to this; a column for "Invitation Expiry" with the date time value?

    I'm getting users getting the invite expired message which creates extra work on boarding. If I'd see the expiry date time I could have messages them the same info.

    Bonus points for prominantly adding the invite expiry date time into their email so they also know through that why their sign-up might not work.

  • Staff

    Good ideas. The invite links are only valid for a day, for a start the UI should say as such somewhere. I will make a task.

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