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Thunderbird 78

  • Staff

    Not directly related to Cloudron, but as a big fan of Thunderbird it's great to see the project resurrected. They recently announced Thunderbird 78 -

    • Dark mode
    • Improved account setup wizard
    • Integrated calendar
    • End-to-End Encrypted Email (looks like we have to wait for a patch release for this one)

    If anyone got a chance to test this out with Cloudron, let us know. I will probably upgrade my setup this weekend but can't risk it right now on a friday.

  • Nice! Dark Mode is a certainly 👍 from me in any app at my age 😎

  • I made a copy of my profile folder and upgraded. My Mail Accounts were visible in settings but not in the folder pane(?). Reverted as I did not have time to dive deeper into the issue.
    Also, the TbSync Addon is only in beta for 78, though apparently they are working with staff to get it integrated like Lightning.

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