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  • Hi everyone,

    I noticed that when deploying a fresh WordPress Managed app, the default "From Name" in the SMTP plugin is set to literally "My blog".

    I want to change that to something more useful and in my tests it works just fine. My concern though is when the plugin is updated in a future package release - since this is a managed instance - is it going to blow away my settings on that particular plugin since it's a default plugin in the package?

    If it is going to blow them away, then I'd love to see the defaults changed to perhaps just match the name of the website or just be the email address itself as the from name to make it more generic for everybody.

    Anybody have experience with this? Have they changed the settings in the SMTP plugin and did the changes save over all updates to the package, or were they reverted each time? Just trying to get my long-term plan ready for all these sites after migrating to the managed version.

  • My guess here is that the changes will be blown away, as whenever I create a staging site, the plugin itself is reverted to an old version of it, so instead of keeping the plugin versions and such from the backup I clone from, it seems to re-setup those plugins like authLDAP and WP Mail SMTP. I sure hope this can be fixed though if true, so that when someone changes the "From Name" and credentials for an external SMTP server, it doesn't revert changes on updates to the package or on cloning from a backup.

  • Another thing I just noticed... if I deploy a WordPress managed app on a domain which is setup for Outbound only against an external SMTP server... these settings do not get recognized by the WordPress managed app, it is still setup with the local mail server settings rather than the one the domain is set for on Cloudron. This isn't expected behaviour, is it?

  • Hi @d19dotca I'm pretty sure the 'From name' is preserved since app version [1.6.1] ( :

    • force name and email by default in the SMTP plugin

    It was added by @girish after I mentioned him that it was replaced by every update and it was confusing for end users receiving mails from Wordpress.

  • @imc67 Ah okay, that's good to hear. Happy if this is the case that it keeps the settings. It seemed when I cloned it that the settings didn't stick, but I'll have to run some more tests as I was testing a lot of different things lately so I may have misremembered this one. 😰 😇

  • Staff

    Yeah, we made changes specifically to preserve the mail from. If you find that it doesn't work, please report back.