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  • Looks promising. May take over the role of the lifesupported WeKan project.

  • @yusf nice!

    Source here and now has docker too

    I quite like WeKan too though, why do you describe it as on life support?

  • Staff

    Wekan is actively developed. We use it everyday. Lauri does an incredible job maintaining it.

  • Rare I'd down-vote anything but I think for now that's what Citadel is for me with all the "coming soon" features meaning "not ready now" - and I also post many links fully expecting that a down-vote is an equally valid response to the app (not the poster :)) to help find and add the best of the best and still keep a place for discussions on the rest.

    I like the those of aiming to have the top/best/popular-3 in any area that I read somewhere here, since all apps require update maintenance.

    For work and personal I use GitLab boards. 90% adding tasks and 10% time left to work on them 😂

  • Sorry, I didn’t intend to bash on WeKan. Wrote that in a rush. I use it too and it’s great. ”Lifesupported” doesn’t really describe the state of it. What I really think is that it feels something like ”actively maintained” and not releasing new major features (at least not for as long I’ve used it).

    Thus I found Citadel’s roadmap interesting, seemingly with a focus on Trello feature parity and parity with some popular 3rd party Trello extensions.

    Until that’s actually a thing though, I’m sticking with WeKan, of course.