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SNMP support and iptable settings....

  • Hi all,

    Is it possible to install snmp on my Cloudron installed on to a VM OS Ubuntu 18.04? Just install snmp through command line i guess??

    The part im not sure off is adusting iptables to allow traffic on 161/udp, because my knowledge is more on the UFW side.

  • App Dev

    @DanTheMan anything you put in IPTables or UFW will be overwritten by Cloudron so the short of it is no.

    There can probably be a configuration change on Cloudrons end to allow this down the road tho

  • @murgero

    Thanks for your answer. Hope one day it will be available within Cloudron, because i monitor al my systems with LibreNms.


  • App Dev

    @DanTheMan I would post in Feature Requests, and ask for it to be a togglable feature.

  • Staff

    I think for a start I will document what needs to be done to open up ports on Cloudron. This is complicated by the fact that docker does not play well with ufw readily. I think netdata integration will also benefit from such a documentation. Will look into this.

  • @girish Thanks a lot for this great support and that you want to take a look at it 👍

    It's not a must have, but it come's very handy for monitoring my Cloudron instance and get warnings if something goes weird or reaches high loads.

    Netdata is also something i did not think about earlier, so maybe that will workout for me as well.

    I must say (apart from this topic), i am really 100% satisfied till so far about Cloudron and the active community that's behind it. Many answers to my questions i did already find here in the forums 😉

    Also a big thanks to the Staff of Cloudron, that picks up problems really quick and solve's them as much as they can.

    I hope Cloudron will live for a long time in the upcoming future, because it's the solution i was looking for a long time 😉
    Really glad i came accros all this and thanks to everybody 👍 👍