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Have strange forward to non existing emails of the old domain

  • The correct email still receives the mail but also receives the mail for mail delivery failure which is kinda annoying. There are no forwards and I can't figure out why is this happening.

    In this example, doesn't exist.


  • @Vladimir You might want to check (via command line) if you have any stale sieve filters left for the mailbox. This might happen if you switched the webmail installation.

  • How can I check this? Is it possible to give me the commands?

  • Staff

    @Vladimir Can you check /home/yellowtent/boxdata/mail/vmail on the server? There is a directory for each mailbox. If you enter the mailbox, there is a sieve directory. You can just delete the entire directory to remove the rules and then restart the mail server, in case dovecot had cached it.

    (You can also do a quick grep on the address in the above directory to see if it's referenced anywhere else).