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Our blog has moved to Ghost (

  • Staff

    In the spirit of dogfooding, we have moved our blog from our home grown markdown based system to Ghost. The new location of the blog is . Old blog urls should redirect to the new location.

    If you find anything wrong/not working, please let us know here. I know, for example, the RSS feed url on the top is incorrect. Still looking for a way to fix that.

  • App Dev

    @girish not sure to which RSS feed you are referring, but if anyone is interested the working RSS url for the new blog is

    Also, just a design detail, I really don't like the serif font in the logo, it totally clashes with the rest of the page


    (maybe it's just that you exported the logo in SVG with the text as text instead of paths ?)

  • Staff

    @mehdi Ah yes, thanks for reporting. I think @luckow complained about this already and @nebulon is working on fixing it. As you said, the issue is that it's an SVG logo and it requires some fonts. If the fonts are present, it works as expected like this:


  • Staff

    For RSS, i meant the icon on the top bar:


    It points to some feedly thing at the moment, I am not sure why.

  • @girish Heads up, the atila theme you're using for your page has an auto detect dark mode going on, and it makes your logo unreadable.
    (I use the same theme, had the same issue.)

  • TBH I think if it's content-focused, just go default Casper. The headers don't change regardless of light-dark-mode.