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cockpit support (easy way to support Bare-metal server )

  • When you want to install cloudron on dedicated server you need a web tool to manage raid, ssh key and many other system setting and proprieties.

    Nomally i will use Cockpit-Project.

    But if you install cockpit and then cloudron, cockpit will stop working or better the Firewall will block port 9090 that is used to connect to cockpit.

    It will be really helpful to add an option that will use nginx proxypass to forward the call to[domain] to port 9090

  • Staff

    @MooCloud_Matt Do you think cockpit is an app or more like a side by side install to Cloudron? I don't think we will support side by side install but opening up port 9090 is definitely an option (if you take responsibility of keeping cockpit uptodate on the server).

  • @girish
    an app is difficult because it will be a privilege container, and if u use container is to make the app isolated from host, not controlling the host.

    For the update, idk, maybe in the future we can help you add it, i think is not so difficult because is just 1 package, already include in canonical repo.

    But for now just the port can be a good start.

  • @MooCloud_Matt Cockpit is not for container deployment, it is for host OS deployments. (Check it out in Fedora)

  • Hey @will !
    We was speaking on provide cockpit as a Cloudron app, or just let cloudron support cockpit to manage more Bare-metal server staff like raid.

    And btw it can manage container too, if u need you can just install the module (cockpit-docker), it can be a good alternative to portainer


  • @girish

    for now how we can open a port?
    which firewall do you use?

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