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STUN failure when trying to make Matrix voice call over internet

  • I'm having a problem trying to make voice calls on Matrix. Everything works fine when both users on the same local network, but it doesn't work over the internet.

    I think it is a TURN/STUN issue. I looked at the TURN server logs and am seeing some authentication failure error messages.

    ERROR: check_stun_auth: Cannot find credentials of user <1597008172:@user:domain.tld>

    I'm not sure what the numbers in front of the Matrix user are. I thought it was the same as this issue but I opened ports 5349 and 3478 for the TURN server without any proxying and still no luck.

    This is a repost from the Matrix App category as I think it actually belongs as a support question and I don't see a way to switch categories.

  • Staff

    I wonder if this is related to . @zjuhasz I have to try this out myself to debug it. @nebulon does the error seem familiar?

  • Not sure if this is related but in the logs for Surfer, which I have as a redirect for the root domain, I am getting a 404 for the matrix .well-known constantly.

    GET /.well-known/matrix/client 404 1.083 ms - 328

    Were you ever able to look into this @girish?