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Is there a way to set the LetsEncrypt email separately?

  • I setup originally with webmaster@ but prefer to use marcus@ for my user account and have webmaster@ set separately ad the LetsEncrypt contact.

    Can this be done or is it a feature request?

  • Staff

    @marcusquinn it uses the email of the cloudron owner currently. If you change the first users email I'd, let's encrypt will change as well. I guess you want to change this because of the email notifications?

    1. For privacy of the address since I thought the email was published on the cert - but it seems not with LetsEncrypt?
    2. Admin duties for us are best managed my a shared email address for more eyes on any potentially urgent correspondence or needs in the event of an issue.
    3. I actually deleted the first Cloudron user, so I guess I'm still the owner but not sure now you say that if you've covered that scenario?
  • Staff


    1. Right, LE certs don't have the email
    2. Agreed.
    3. That's fine. The system will ensure you always have alteast one owner. It shown using the "crown" icon in the Users view. The code just picks up the email id of the earliest owner.

    About 2: We introduced the idea of owner (now called superadmin), to be the main sysadmin. Maybe you can make this user have a shared email and create a concrete id for yourself as an admin? Ideally, you don't use the superadmin actively inside apps itself (in essence, leave it alone).

    In the long run, I think we want to have a setup where Cloudron superadmin is just an admin on Cloudron and nothing else (maybe not even login to apps). But this does complicate onboarding and this is the reason why we haven't gone that route.

  • So Superadmin's are Owners then? In that case I have about 20 😂

    Now, how to identify which luck user became the LetsEncrypt email contact since I deleted User number one when I changed my mind on what I wanted my username to be 🙂

  • Staff

    @marcusquinn said in Is there a way to set the LetsEncrypt email separately?:

    So Superadmin's are Owners then? In that case I have about 20

    Indeed! You can downgrade everyone to be an admin. The main difference between superadmin and admin are that superadmins is meant to be the person who has access to the server (and the one who set things up initially). Superadmin also manages the subscription and has acess to mail server logs. Admins don't have access to these two things.

    Ideally, there is only one superadmin. We wanted to enforce this but migration from previous setups proved to be a bit problematic.