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    This is a concise guide to building and installing custom packages. For a more detailed explanation, see


    1. Make sure you have docker installed. Also, sign up for a docker hub account ( and use docker login to login to the docker hub account.

    2. Install the Cloudron CLI tool: npm install -g cloudron. This requires you to install nodejs for npm to work.

    Log into cloudron

    $ cloudron login
    Username: girish
    Password: *********
    2FA Token (if enabled): 
    Login successful.
    $ cloudron list
    <will list your apps>

    Build the app

    All our app packages are open source. You can get them here - (repos with the -app suffix).

    For this tutorial, we will build the ghost app.

    $ git clone
    $ cd ghost-app
    $ cloudron build
    Enter repository (e.g registry/username/org.ghost.cloudronapp2): girish/ghost

    The above will build the docker image and push it into docker hub as girish/ghost repository.

    Install the app

    $ cloudron install
    Location: blog

    This will install the app you just built into

    Update the app

    If you make any changes, you have to rebuild the app and update the cloudron with the latest image.

    $ git pull # get latest repo changes
    $ cloudron build
    $ cloudron update --app blog

    The update command will update the app with the image we just built.

    That's it!