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This app disappeared from Cloudron Apps

  • Hello, Yesterday I installed an instance of cloudron and when I look for the app in the repository, I can't find it: /

  • I also had it installed and noticed awhile ago that it was no longer in the store. It's been weeks, maybe months. I never bothered asking about it, so I can't tell you more. But if you search through the forum you'll prob find something about it.

  • App Dev

    The App is still in the git
    But not in the store not even as unstable.
    Also the git version did not get an update for over 1 year. This might be the problem.

    Linking the official github as well.

  • Staff

    Yes, the reason is that they are rewriting the app since a long time now and mention that it is unstable and not ready for use (see while also neglecting the old version, the one we have packaged. Since the situation is quite unclear, we decided to not offer it for new installations, since users risk to be locked into an unmaintained app.

  • Staff

    You can still install it like this https://my.<cloudron>/#/appstore/rocks.paperwork.cloudronapp . But note that it was last updated 3 years ago. I tried to build a new version with latest with PHP a year ago and the app was not even building anymore. They have been re-writing a new version for a couple of years now.