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CPU usage breakdown?

  • Is there a way to view which app is CPU intensive?

    Since 2 days, CPU has gone from 40-50% to 80% on average. But right now, I have a hard time pinpointing the guilty apps.

  • Staff

    One way is to determine the busy container right now first by using systemd-cgtop. It would would display the docker containers like /docker/003d4ff9290ce4b92223b3bb57195a73fe8a4f5b8e473e74f6e54575e4bdadcb where the uuid then can be grepped for to find the container with

    docker ps --no-trunc | grep 003d4ff9290ce4b92223b3bb57195a73fe8a4f5b8e473e74f6e54575e4bdadcb

  • @nebulon Thanks, I'll do that.

    Is there a way to keep track of that in time or it only works in real time?

    Would it be possible to have it in the same way as we can keep track of ram in each app and in the system page per app, somewhere in the future? I have no idea if that's possible to implement or not. 😄

  • What does it mean ?

  • Staff

    The output is similar to top or htop, but that tool is aware of cgroups in linux, so it is easier to determine the app based on the container id.

  • Problem is the parts that are using the most CPU are :

    / is using 793-796 % CPU 14.3 Gb MEMORY
    cron.service 300+ % CPU 13 GB MEMORY

    Another problem or discrepancies I'm seeing if I dive into containers themselves is that it seems the containers that are using more CPU, the ones that often comes on top, are not tied to any domain/app in particular.

    if I docker ps a specific container i see on the systemd-cgtop no matter what I try to match them I cannot associate these containers ID to my list of ID-Domains when I type cloudron list

    it's like our box is running more containers than the number of app we have ?
    can a container be on the loose and still running and using resources ?

    It does not make sense I know 😕

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