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I'm getting emails & notifcations about apps being back online, but never received anything about them being offline

  • In the last week I've had three emails and notifications about different apps being back online, but I never received any email nor notifications telling me they were offline in the first place.

    What is going on?

  • Staff

    Can you check in the eventlog about those? Are there events for both up and down or also just the app is up event?

  • @nebulon there are no app.down events, but yeah those "back online" events are listed in app.up under Source: healthmonitor.

    And I can see that basically the "back online" events are happening after updates (during which I guess they went offline for a short while).

    So no big deal really, just not ideal messaging as a bit confusing to receive a "back online" email/ notification when not having previously received one about it going offline.

    Perhaps the solutions is to send an email/ notification saying "app about to go offline for an update" first? Or just not to send the "back online" email/ notification if it's just after an update?

  • App Dev

    This happened to me a few times, exclusively when Nextcloud apps get updated and started the first time. I figured it would take a minute for the first time to get back up and that's why the email came.

  • Staff

    This is a long standing notification bug with updates. The down indicator is not send (since it's updating), but the up indicator fires anyway.

  • Staff