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Official Multisite Support for the Wordpress app (managed and unmanaged)

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    I've been thinking, I would be tempted to keep going with separate WP instances (to more finely control resource allocation to specific clients) if we could create some sort of "app folder" system. Or app categories.

    Not trying to invalidate this issue because its still important. But this just popped into my head. I can make a request for it.

    I'm imagining something like app folders on iOS or Android or like collapsable sections.

  • @atrilahiji I agree that these two would be separate issues. I plan on adjusting the Cloudron Wordpress Project for Multisite support after @girish and @nebulon are finished with 6.0. Which I’m really hoping will come with domain aliases. 🤞 Cause I can do the rest very easily (domain alias code is needed at the Cloudron level and it turned out to be a pretty popular feature request by itself which was cool). I have a decade of Wordpress (and WooCommerce) development experience and I found a new platform that I really love to work out it in (Cloudron).

    The funny thing is, was that this platform was the one cloud panel I found with a no-op for DNS domain lookup which I needed for a specialized project I was working on. And I just fell in love with the platform after that - then even more after being part of the forums here. Everyone here is encouraging and it makes development fun.

  • @atrilahiji But definitely put in a request for folders for apps. That’s will def beneeded in the future with all the apps we’re coming out with now!

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    @Lonk Will do! And same, I am hoping to be able to contribute by packaging some apps and develop some apps (details coming soon) that will be set up to work quite nicely with Cloudron. Huge fan of the platform and the annual cost is a small price to pay to have this wonderful hosting experience and ensure that our lords and saviors @girish and @nebulon are compensated for their hard work.

  • @atrilahiji I may have gotten a little trigger happy with the feature requests today. I already put yours in. 😅

  • I loved WPMU back in the early 2000s and always used to install it with SQLite. Why expose a networked DB?

    It's harder to do in Cloudron as each app is tied to a single domain + aliases if set. This goes further with SSL certs and rev-proxy setup.

    If all the feedback loops required are addressed it would be a welcome addition as I've just been handed ~278 domains to deal with 😈

  • @robi As soon as Domain Aliases become a thing on Cloudron (right now they're just redirections), I'll hook Wordpress Multisite to the Cloudron API so you don't have to leave Wordpress to create the new domain either (since domain mapping is built directly into WP Multisite now).

    I'll merge request the unmanaged and managed Wordpress installations with my Multisite Optimizations. But waiting for Cloudron 6.0 to do so due to Wordpress changes being released on that version, and it's release date is getting closer.

  • @Lonk awesome, sounds like a plan.

    BTW, for those that still have to manage many WP sites individually, I recently came across something that makes it easier and it's free, called GoDaddy Pro.

  • @robi said in Official Multisite Support for the Wordpress app (managed and unmanaged):

    BTW, for those that still have to manage many WP sites individually, I recently came across something that makes it easier and it's free, called GoDaddy Pro.

    I hate GoDaddy. Horrible company. 😛

    MainWP is similar and GPL (with premium add-ons):

  • @jdaviescoates Can vouch for MainWP, it’s a pretty cool concept because it runs inside of another WP installation which makes making add-ons (I make a lot of WP plugins) for it so much easier.