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  • As I run 50+ apps in my Cloudron, I often have to check on services during troubleshooting, and when loading the System Info (/#/system) page it displays the Services, BUT as soon as I want to click on one, the Disk Usage loads and pushes all the Services down a page. (Bait and scroll?! 😼 )

    Always makes me wonder why Services doesn't have it's own tab to avoid this problem.

    Please fix.

  • Staff

    Good point, I guess it was indeed never designed for such a high app count Cloudron. Instead of adding a new toplevel view, I wonder if there are better alternatives to improve that use-case?

    Splitting Services out into its own view is a good option, usually we just try to keep the amount of highlevel views minimal to not overcrowd the UI.

  • @nebulon I don't see another competing section.

    Just separate out the services into its own, and disk, mem, cpu stays in their own w/o an additional services section below.

  • Yeah, I agree with @robi: having Services as just another one of the tabs alongside Disk Usage, System Memory and CPU Usage (instead of always displaying it below each of them as it is currently) would actually be an improvement to the UI.


  • @jdaviescoates Yes, that would be a great UI improvement, shouldn't be too hard either.

  • Staff

    Ok this is done now. The services panel got its own top-level view.

  • @nebulon
    Thank you, you're amazing!