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ODrive Sync can use any number of backends!

  • ODrive or Oxygen Drive was a startup I used to love a long time ago, but then they disappeared for a while and recently I found they're back! 🙂

    The real shocker is that you can any number of cloud accounts to their ODrive clients to use for file storage or sharing and syncing.

    The backup feature is premium only, but I'd like to see how we could overload that feature by installing it on the Cloudron server, using the local filesystem path to get access to 3+ storage services, then do Cloudron backups across them.

    This would split the backup files across all the storage backends, making it even more resilient. For added protection, use M of N dispersal like a Reed Solomon error correcting code and if one of the storage service is down, we can still compute the files we need from the other two.

    This would also serve to aggregate the storage from all storage providers into one, giving the ability to back up a Cloudron that's bigger than 1-2 but not all 3 put together, for example.

    There may be a way to do this more automatically via Minio. (anyone interested in some storage hacking?)

    For now, enjoy the free features and desktop integration with any number of your GDrive/Dropbox/etc accounts 😉

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  • @girish
    Oh, I had the URL copied in the paste buffer but got distracted. It's much simpler -

    I've updated the post with the link.

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