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MongoDB for general usage

  • I was having a look at some of the previous questions/discussions around using the mongodb instance that Cloudron itself makes use of. My take away understanding is that there's no intention to expose that instance to end-users. Which I can appreciate.

    Having an instance I can access as an end-user came to mind recently. I've returned to my Cloudron instance with the intention of making better use of it: This has led to installing Metabase for a poke around and to access data I have in Atlas. In turn, I've then thought if I start to scale up my Atlas usage I need to start looking at cost and deciding if I should self-host mongodb. I can see why Cloudron wouldn't want to slot into the hosted DB type of role but interested in other folks views.

  • @jamesgallagher Have you tried the Directus app? Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree but I like it a lot as a MySQL manager and GraphQL API.

  • Staff

    @jamesgallagher Welcome back 🙂

    For general usage, if you are looking to host an app that uses mongo, this is easy to do - . This way your app has access to mongodb. If you are looking to access the mongodb of an existing app, maybe you can use an ssh tunnel for this (for example, maybe you want to connect it to your IDE)? Something like .

    The case which we aren't supporting right now is where you want to host an app outside Cloudron and provision a database inside Cloudron. This is almost like having a managed database. Is this the case what you are after?

  • App Dev

    This does seem similar to my managed DB request, if thats what OP is asking. From a developer standpoint I like it but mostly because I want to be able to specifically host CouchDB (for those sweet sweet realtime connections to the DB)

  • Staff

    That raises maybe two options. One a mongodb app, with maybe some mongodb webui to manage the database freely without exposing the addon mongodb. The other option is the exposure of the addon mongodb instance, which I think would not be a good idea, plus in that case the user would not get full access to the database to configure it.

  • Yes, I'm effectively looking for a managed DB on the cheap 🙂 (CouchDB may come onto my horizon too @atrilahiji - this is an area I'm getting into a bit more lately)

    I'll definitely look at your suggestion @girish and I like your lines of thought @nebulon

    Nice suggestion @marcusquinn but it's not quite what I'm looking for this time around.

  • @jamesgallagher and @atrilahiji Yeah, I've run across maybe two or three apps recently that use PouchDB, which needs a public instance of CouchDB in order to sync their data. I have no idea if we should package CouchDB for cloudron as an app, but it sure seems like it could be useful.

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