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SOLVED Seems like too many LDAP Server instances in Matomo Settings.

  • I was poking around in my Matomo server settings today to make sure things were as I wanted them, and found on the LDAP page that it has probably 30-50 LDAP servers listed, all the exact same. I worry this is getting duplicated perhaps on restart / updates to the package instead of getting overwritten. This seems like a bug. Can someone please confirm?

    URL to page in Settings shoudl be something like this: https://<appLocation>.<domain>.<tld>/index.php?module=LoginLdap&action=admin&idSite=2&period=range&date=last30

    Screenshot below shows 2 LDAP Servers but the list is huge, I can scroll for a while which is why I guess 30-50 of them must be created there.

    Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 4.33.50 PM.png

  • Have you enabled and other LDAP plugins/addons in Matomo?

  • Staff

    Good catch, this is a bug. I have pushed an update to fix it. Also, created a bug report upstream -

  • @girish Thank you! 🙂 I updated and can confirm it's working as expected now with only the one LDAP server listed.

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