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Dashboard: Customize buttons on the sides of apps

  • I am constantly clicking the Logs button to get into the Terminal or the File Manager. I never even use the info button.

    Basically, I think there is space for five buttons on the right side of an app. Configure would be at the top like always, Info could be moved into the Configure pane (since people only need that once and it pops up on first click into an app anyways I think). My personal preference:

    • Configure
    • Logs
    • Terminal
    • File Manager
    • Admin Link (like /wp-admin/ in WP)

    What would other's custom favorite button order be?

    Just like the new "Admin Button" you guys told me about, it made my whole life easier, so this is also an awareness post for people about the Admin Tab, check it out:

    Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 1.41.41 PM.png

  • How about a Grid view of My Apps for users and a List view for Admins with more room for shortcut icons?

  • Yes, the dashboard may need a design overhaul instead of more/custom buttons crammed into the current.

  • is related via usability and UX